Monthly Reccuring Revenue

Monthly Recurring Revenue Explained 

Monthly Recurring Revenue, or MRR, is a monthly amount of revenue secured by a business on an ongoing basis. It is one of the main metrics for a subscription-based business model, where customers pay fees every month, in exchange for services or products.    Recurring revenue is preferred because it scales over time. As a
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How much can I sell my business for

How Much Can I Sell My Business For? Where to Get Started.

Selling your business is typically a complex venture that may require a lot of planning and preparation. A common question we hear is, ‘How Much Can I Sell My Business For? The first step in the process should be deciding whether or not you truly want to sell your business.
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What does EBT mean

What Does Earnings Before Taxes Mean for Your Business?

Earnings before taxes (EBT), also known as profit before taxes, is an accounting metric that measures the amount of profit a business makes before taxes and interest payments on debts (where applicable) are deducted. So what does earning before taxes mean for your business? EBT is typically found on the
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How to increase profit

How to Increase profit in Your Business.

A business owner’s main goal is to remain profitable, and while it may seem like increasing sale prices or cutting costs are easy ways to achieve that – business finances are seldom as straight-forward and those two strategies alone cannot result in high profitability. So the question remains, how to
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Bookkeeping help

How to Find Right Bookkeeping Help

All businesses require some form of bookkeeping help across various scenarios. There are also quite a few options available to them, ranging from hiring a full-time bookkeeping staff (or team) to hiring a freelance bookkeeping firm or even hiring a virtual bookkeeper. Each option has unique advantages, and the decision
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general ledger

What is a General Ledger?

The General Ledger is one of the most important components of any accounting system, and you will need to know what it is and how it works, to understand basic bookkeeping, particularly if you want to handle your own books. In bookkeeping/accounting, there are three types of ledgers: #1 The
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