general ledger

What is a General Ledger?

The General Ledger is one of the most important components of any accounting system, and you will need to know what it is and how it works, to understand basic bookkeeping, particularly if you want to handle your own books. In bookkeeping/accounting, there are three types of ledgers: #1 The
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What is Double Entry Accounting

What is Double Entry Accounting?

So, what is double entry accounting? Double-entry bookkeeping/accounting is an accounting technique where two entries are made for every transaction.     Who invented double entry accounting? There is a common misconception that double-entry bookkeeping was first developed by Leonardo Da Vinci’s math teacher, Luca Pacioli, who is widely credited
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Do I need a Bookkeeper

Do I Need a Bookkeeper? A Small Business Guide

  The decision on whether or not to do your bookkeeping should be made with careful consideration of two critical factors: first, do you have the necessary bookkeeping skills? And second, do you have the time? If you meet both conditions, you could save money in the initial stages of
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small business management consulting

Small Business Management Consulting: Is This What Your Business is Missing?

You might have a brilliant idea, the resources necessary to make it work, years of relevant experience, and yet you may find that things are just not working out the way you want. This is where small business management consulting can play a significant role in steering your business towards
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online bookkeeping classes

Top 8 Online Bookkeeping Classes for Small Business Owners 

When you run a business, there is no way around bookkeeping. A larger firm may employ an entire team of bookkeepers and accountants, while a smaller company might only have one. In other cases, the business owner may be the one handling the books. As a small business owner, if
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what does bookkeeper do

What does a bookkeeper do? The ins and outs.

Bookkeepers play a crucial role in the financial affairs of any business and their activities vary based on the size of an organization. As a business owner, perhaps you require assistance with your books and are wondering whether you need a bookkeeper. Before you decide, you may want to know
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